Swahili Divers And Gecko Nature Lodge
Pemba has the most spectacularly healthy reefs in East Africa , and has one of the top prolific reef systems in the world. As Gavin Goodhart , Director Of Ambrosia Television (UK) recently said. "I would say that Misali Island and especially the north of Pemba are easily one of the healthiest 30 reefs in the world." When we first heard this, we were disappointed that we were not in the top five... but then it’s just an opinion.
We have coral covered walls, coral strewn reef slopes, and enormous, healthy bommies and fans that are surrounded by reef fish. Our local fishing community is generally and happily inept. This means that we see schools of chevron barracuda, yellow fin tuna, Jacks and snapper. Giant groupers sit territorially on our reefs and most sites have a resident Maori wrasse.

Our dive sites are simply stunning. Ribbon eels, fire dartfish and leaf-fish can be found on many of our reefs. Our Nudibranch are a specialty. We see a large variety on every dive, and we often see the famous 30cm Spanish dancer!