Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania is best known for the Serengeti National Park with the annual animal migration and for Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. It is, however, a destination with outstanding scuba diving sites. The islands offer perfect diving conditions, healthy coral reefs, and a vast array of marine life. In addition to Zanzibar, the country’s coastline also offers great dive destinations. In fact, much of Tanzania’s 1424 kilometers coastline falls in the Indian Ocean, leading to even more present and future dive destinations! The bustling capital city Dar Es Salaam is home to many dive sites. The best way to dive in Dar Es Salaam will likely be from local dive centers of the destination of your choice. In fact, there’s no liveaboard industry developed in the area so far, and the travel time between destinations makes visiting more than one place a challenge. Thus, divers looking to select a dive destination should also look at what other activities they may enjoy. No trip to Africa will be complete without a safari so you should take that into consideration while you make your plans.

Dar Es Salaam is a year-round diving destination. The diving is best in March and from October to November. During these months, the visibility is the best and the weather is warm. At the opposite, the months of April and May are the peak rainy season and considered as not having optimal diving conditions. Still, if you are looking at these dates and want to go for a dive, you should know that sea conditions and visibility are still very good. Moreover, the trade winds are to be taken into consideration as they play a role in Tanzania’s climate. First, Kusi, the wind from the South, happens from June to September and may bring rough seas. Also, many dive centers warn that wind conditions in August may lead to canceling diving and dive only in the morning. Secondly, Kaskazi, namely the wind from the North, happens from December to February. Many dive centers have the same cancellation warning for the months of December and January. However, these two months are also considered the best time to dive with whale sharks and are the busiest for dive centers.

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