Zanzibar is a carefree island paradise where the scent of vanilla and cinnamon lingers in the air and white-sailed dhows leave shimmering trails in the turquoise Indian Ocean. But while Zanzibar is famous for its spicy tang and idyllic beaches, some of the most magical experiences you will have are below the waves.

Surrounded by extraordinary underwater landscapes alive with strange and wonderful marine creatures, Zanzibar is a dream destination for scuba divers. It is home to the great underwater safari and some of the best dive sites in Africa, and according to many pro divers, the world. From exploring eerie ancient wrecks and braving night dives, to swimming with manatees and making friends with bottlenose dolphins, diving in Zanzibar is wonderfully diverse and utterly unforgettable.


With average water temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius and visibility between 20 and 60 metres, it is a great diving destination throughout the year. The rainy seasons are from March to May and November to December. February, March, July, and August are considered the best months for divers, but the high season typically spans July to September and December to January.
For divers with specific interests, migration seasons with the highest concentration of certain marine animals, and the highest possibility of sightings are over the following periods:
Eagle rays: June to March Manta rays: December to April Blacktip reef sharks: June to March
Hammerhead sharks:
November to February Whale sharks (Mafia Island): October to February Seahorses: June to March
Humpback whales:
July to October Whitetip reef sharks, dolphins, and hawksbill turtles: year-round

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